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Hey, Sis!

Dec 13, 2018

Hey, hey! We’re back with a fresh, new episode. This week we’re chatting it up with Charnaie Gordon of Here Wee Read.

Charnaie is a wife, mom of two, computer programmer by day, blogger/influencer by night, self-proclaimed lifelong learner, podcast junkie and Distinguished Toastmaster. Her blog, Here Wee Read, is where she is currently expressing her creativity and passion for reading, diverse literature, and literacy. Her children and her husband are her inspiration and her followers/supporters are her book-loving tribe. More than anything else, she cares about connecting people with great books they'll love. In her world books are an absolute necessity. Charnaie is passionate about instilling a love of reading, lifelong learning, and curiosity in her kids. She hopes to inspire others to do the same with their children. 

Charnaie is also the creator of the Bookstagram Choice Awards on Instagram, a contributing writer for Brightly and a contributing writer for Laila Ali's blog.  She's also working with her two children on their family community service project, 50 States 50 Books, a project helping to close the literacy gap in the United States.  So far she and her children have collected and donated 650 diverse children's books to 13 different states.  Their goal is to donate 50 diverse children's books for each of the 50 U.S. states and donate them to children in need around the country.  A forthcoming gracious 800 book donation from Hachette Book Group will help them complete 16 additional states in the coming weeks.  Taking their total number of states left to complete down to 21.  Find her online at and @hereweeread on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  You can find her children at @50states50books.

We’re also sounding our Airhorn for legendary actress, Cicely Tyson, who at 93 received an honorary Oscar.