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Hey, Sis!

Nov 29, 2018

We’re back at it, this time with our friend and special guest Natasha C. Nicholes. Who’s that, you ask? Listen. Basically, the woman is no joke. Natasha is a serious maker. To be a serious maker, you need the ability to see things not as they are but as what they can be. Not only that, you need the skills to make that vision into reality. That is Natasha’s super power. Where others saw an abandoned lot on the Southside of Chicago, Natasha saw a community garden overflowing with greens, fresh food for her neighbors, and chickens. Because of Natasha’s community leadership and hard work, the We Sow We Grow Community Garden allied with local stores, won features on the Harry show and in the Chicago Tribune, and was a 2017 Iris Award Nominee for the Best Philanthropic Work of the Year.

Not only does Natasha grow food, she grows humans. She made four bold and brilliant children with her husband — and even made two of them at the same time. She even homeschools. But when she was researching online to find families like hers, she didn’t find any voices of African Americans represented. So of course, she created her own space at Houseful of Nicholes. Find her on social at: Twitter - @NatashaNicholes; IG - @Natasha Nicholes; and FB - We Sow We Grow

We also sounded out Air Horn for the incomparable Michelle Obama (a.k.a. Our Forever FLOTUS) and the release of her bestselling memoir Becoming.