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Hey, Sis!

Nov 15, 2018

Welcome back! Last episode we introduced you to the new focus of the podcast. We’re talking to women just like us: work-at-home-moms with creative, slightly unconventional careers. This week we got into the importance of carving out time for ourselves to recharge the batteries. Maybe that looks like a professional development conference that you attend every year or a quiet retreat you go to so you can center on your art/writing/business for two days or perhaps it’s getting together with some chill, like-minds and going for a hike every Saturday to hash things out. Hey, maybe it’s just getting a decent hotel room in your town for a night by yourself to do whatever you damn well please. Make that staycation a mom-cation. It’s all about recharging and taking a few clean breathes, free of guilt and stress. Amen! Tell us: How do you make time for YOU, the “me” before you became a mom? Let us know, ‘cuz we’re nosy and we like to share good intel with our people! We also sound the Air Horn for all the women who became elected officials and made history in the 2018 midterm elections. Listen in!