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Hey, Sis!

Nov 1, 2018

Hey, hey! We’re back with another fresh episode. Circle up because this one’s important. We’ve decided to narrow the focus of our podcast to zero in on a particular type of woman: creative work from home moms. We’re talking about the entrepreneurs, the writers, the artists, the bloggers, the consultants, the freelancers, the business owners, the creatives. Those women who juggle making a living working for themselves with taking care of their homes, kids and partners while working from home offices, co-working spaces and Starbucks.

We have a strong connection to these women because they are us. And we want to make sure that we’re cutting through the BS and shame and guilt out there to provide good resources, support, and community for other creative work from home moms out there.

Listen in for more on our pivot. And let us know what you think!