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Hey, Sis!

Oct 18, 2018

We’re back after a week’s break, and we’re fired up all over again. This time we’re All A Twitter about the steady rise of white people calling the police on Black folks just living. These latest outrageous stories have one man in St. Louis being physically blocked from entering his own building because white woman and her puppy decided that he didn’t belong there; white woman in Brooklyn calling police on Black child(!) after falsely accusing him of groping(!) her at the deli; and a young white man in SoCal calling the police on a Black woman for daring to search her own car’s trunk. Worst part is? This is just a handful of these kinds of infuriating stories. Damn, it’s like, can we live? (Answer seems to be: nope.) We’re also honoring activist and original Me Too founder Tarana Burke again. This week marked one full year since the #metoo movement’s second iteration went viral. We’re looking at how far we’ve come and how much more ground needs to be torched in order to set down a new and better path for survivors.