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Hey, Sis!

Oct 4, 2018

We’ve got a hot + fresh Nsquared episode for you. Starting things off, we’re All a Twitter about the Season 3 finale of Insecure and finding out what happened to Ghost Bae (a.k.a Nathan, Issa’s barber boo). We also get into another buzzed about topic right now: Kanye West. Whether it’s that awful MAGA hat or his pro-trump rants, we’re basically asking the same thing you are … WYD, Kanye? This leads us into the main topic this week: mental health and the importance of investing in meaningful self-care. For Black women, it’s almost a revolutionary act to put your mental health and wellness as priority one, and we get into how we’re doing exactly that. Plus, we sound our Air Horn for Atlanta-based psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford and her great resource Therapy For Black Girls, an online space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls. The site can even help you find a therapist in your city! So, relax, relate, release, and listen in!