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Hey, Sis!

Aug 30, 2018

We're back with another fresh one and another lovely guest! We welcome our friend and fave IG Influence LaShawn Wiltz. LaShawn is the creator of Everyday Eyecandy where she blogs about motherhood, her life, her passion for capturing everyday moments through photography and trying to find her version of balance through it all. She was the 2017 Mom 2.0 Summit IRIS Award winner for Best Instagram And 2018 winner for Best Photography. She is also VERY passionate about helping everyone live their best Instagram life. Based in Atlanta, GA, you can find Lashawn on Instagram, capturing the beauty in life’s everyday moments, documenting her days as a working wife and mom with a half-finished coffee in one hand and her camera in the other. LaShawn is also on Twitter: @lashawnwiltz and FB: @lashawnsphotoblog.

We also sounded our Air Horn Salute for pioneering NASA mathematician and "human computer" Katherine Johnson, who celebrated her 100th birthday this week! So glad that she's able to see and feel all the well-deserved admiration, love, and gratitude going her way.