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Hey, Sis!

Aug 10, 2018

We're back! So excited to kick-off Season 3. Even better: We actually recorded the episode sitting right next to each other. So the laugh factor was definitely leveled up. We dive into what everyone seems to be talking about (uh, basically, always)... Beyoncé. This time it was her takeover of the September issue of Vogue magazine. Not only did she grace the cover, but Beyoncé also served as creative director for the issue, including handpicking the photographer for the cover shoot: 23-year-old Tyler Mitchell. He is the first Black fashion photographer to shoot a Vogue cover in 126 years. A HUNNID AND TWENTY SIX YEARS! Wow! (But also, wow. Shameful.) Plus, we sound the air horn for all the magazine September issues with strong, creative, powerful Black women on their covers. As Lena Waithe said on Insta: "We don't just move the needle forward; we are the needle." Hell, yes!