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Hey, Sis!

Mar 29, 2018

We're back at it! Fresh, new N + N episode just for you. This time we're taking on some important debates that have been burning up social media. First, WHO THE HELL BIT BEYONCÉ??! We join the digital sleuthing to crack the case. Then we move into the sheets discussion — as in, do you use a flat sheet on your bed or do you just slide right into the fitted sheet and let your comforter/quilt/duvet/blanket act as your only cover? (We let you know from the gate that we are TOTALLY on Team Top Sheet!). We also delve into some other "what do you do at your house" questions and remain surprised by some of the answers. Plus, we sound the Air Horn for Naomi Wadler, the youngest speaker (she's 11!) at the recent March For Our Lives rally in D.C. This fifth grader's speech was passionate and powerful, leaving anyone who watched or listened to it utterly inspired. We look forward to hearing more from this bright, young mind. Have a listen and let us know what you think!