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Hey, Sis!

Feb 1, 2018

It's another N-squared episode, hot and fresh out the oven. This week we're going back to college — in our minds, at least — to talk about relationships and dating. After watching a recent episode of the new, fab series Grown-ish in which the young, college student characters get into a conversation/soft debate about what terms like "hooking up" really mean. Is it sex or just hanging out? Are you dating if you're "kickin' it" or are you just casual with it? And then how do dating apps like Tinder shake up the game? 

We're also All A Twitter about the world premiere of Black Panther (a.k.a. Maximum Black Excellence) and all the post-Grammys chatter. And we sound the HSP Air Horn for U.S. Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman and the more 140 brave women who gave heartbreaking, yet powerful victim impact statements against former U.S. Gymnastics doctor Larry Nasser, accused of sexually abusing over 100 people while under his "care." Stand up and speak out, Aly! You are making incredible, meaningful impact on so many lives.