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Hey, Sis!

Oct 26, 2017

It's another Nsquared episode, and we're keeping it light this time around. Don't we all need a break from the heavy, harrowing and horrible? YES. The answer is absolutely yes. We got into the vibe of the season and talked about Halloween. We get into some of our fave traditions and the ones that need to be thrown in the trash (ugh, trunk-or-treat); "classic" Blades Fam old school costumes; and the candies we always go for first. (Step off, candy corn! Nobody's talking 'bout you, witcho gross self.) Plus, we are All A Twitter about Amazon Key, the new service for Prime Members that allows couriers to have access to open your door to leave packages for you. Um, whuuut?! And we sound the Air Horn Salute for our friend author Angela Flournoy, who is teaming up with Issa Rae to pen a new '90s family drama for HBO. Yaaaay! So proud of Angela! Have a listen.