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Hey, Sis!

Sep 14, 2017

Aww, yeah! Season 2 all up in your area. We are back from our month-long hiatus with an extra serving of excitement. Welcome, welcome! In our first episode back, we're talking a bit about what kept us busy through August (spoiler: Color Outside Retreat for Nailah and prepping for the promo of Nicole's forthcoming novel HAVE YOU MET NORA?), plus we get into what's coming up this season. We're All a Twitter about Insecure's finale; Leslie Jones living her very best life; the beauty and fab inclusiveness of Fenty Beauty, the new makeup line from our Bajan sistren Rihanna; the outstanding Well-Read Black Girl Festival; and Time magazine's "Firsts" cover series on groundbreaking women. And of course we touched on the monster hurricanes in Texas, the Caribbean and Florida. We also sounded the Air Horn Salute for a charming, bright sports ace. Basically, we're so amped to be back in effect! Listen in.