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Hey, Sis!

Jul 20, 2017

Settle in folks, we have another exciting episode coming your way. This time, we're chatting with Jessica Ashley, a content strategist, content creator and coach. She's the founder and voice of Single Mom Nation and its sister podcast, Single Mom Nation Radio. She's an award-winning blogger with more than 40 million page views and 40,000 comments, and now also helps single moms thrive through creative divorce coaching. Jessica wears inappropriately high heels to the playground, and is mom to a Tae Kwon Do-ing, awkward breakdancing, stand-up comic 12-year old son and a feisty, delicious-cheeked toddler known online as Boss Lady. She lives with her kids and chef boyfriend in Chicago.

You can join the Single Mom Community on Facebook and on Twitter: @singlemomnation

We're also discussing the brand new Carter twins, Black motherhood and letting women just be. Plus we're shouting out an amazing sprinter and athlete on breaking a new record. We told you, it's a good one.