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Hey, Sis!

Jul 13, 2017

We're back with another Nsquared episode! And it's a good one too, if we do say so ourselves. We dive into some of the craziness that's been happening in politics this past week, including Aussie reporter, Chris Uhlmann's searing takedown of Trump after the G20 Summit and the disturbing Pew Research report on Republican's growing distrust of higher education. We also talk about our favorite Summertime Jams (some of them are on this list) and the Summertime Reads we're looking forward to gobbling up. Lastly, we salute Amy Siskind, who has been diligently documenting everything #notnormal about this newest administration. (Beeteedubs, the photo above is from our recent visit back home to Montreal. It's outside of our old elementary school!)